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CorebelliniJune 2009

Cortinovis Machinery America, Inc. is pleased to announce that Corbellini has joined the group of companies we represent in North America which include: Eurolls SpA, Cortinovis Machinery SpA, Eurolls/Teammeccanica, Teurema, and Vitari.

Corbellini is specialized in the total production of ceramic-tungsten carbide –special alloys coating or sintered ceramic aluminia-zirconia, for wire machinery components such as:

    • Capstans, rollers, and pulleys
    • Balanced draw rings and rollers for high speed multiple wire drawing
    • Conical -step capstans for wet drawing machines
    • Components in solid ceramic or ceramic on a metal (aluminum or steel)

    Our core competence is in the application of thermal spray coating for wire processing machinery. Our extensive experience in the production of finish surfaces with specific radius and angles and fine finishing allow us to reduce or avoid all the problems connected with wear, abrasion and/or corrosion, electric isolations, low lubrication, and oxidation on high speed mechanical parts.

    We are equipped to coat and/or manufacture (based also on customer drawings) high wear parts for wire drawing processing machinery. We are also equipped to reproduce or recondition worn pieces as required.

    We are able to supply a wide range of currently available wear proof and corrosion-proof coatings.

    The use of the latest spraying systems, metallic fixing agents, lower surface roughness and the right choice of the coating material for the base part material make our products achieve the lowest friction coefficient with excellent results on quality and quantity of manufactured wire.

    The wide range of products allow us to choose, depending on environment, the best solutions to solve almost all wear problems.

    We have achieved ISO 9001 Certification which assures our customers that our system of test and control coupled with modern tooling, enables us to make accurate process and production monitoring which is repeatable and produces parts of consistent quality.

    For any further requirements please contact our Sales Department.



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